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Selling your used cell phone for cash is QUICK & EASY!

Selling your used cell phone to PhoneXchange is so easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. Our highly trained staff will assess the value of your used cell phone in person which is why we are able to offer the most cash for your used phone. In the United States, the average person doesn’t sell their old phones, chances are, there’s a used phone or two stashed away in the junk drawer of your home.  So, what do you do with this clutter of old used cell phones? It’s simple: Sell you used cell phone to PhoneXchange, the most trusted location to sell a used cell phone in Portland or the United States. Depending on the condition of the phone, you can sell us your used cell phone for up to $250 for just one used cell phone.


Sell your phone to US!

How much will PhoneXchange pay you for your used cell phone you sell us? As mentioned above, it depends on the condition of your used phone, carrier, brand of the phone you are selling & current market resell value. When you sell a used cell phone to us, we encourage you to backup and remove all personal data from the used phone and that the phone has been paid off and removed from your account. You’re actually losing money when you keep it in your drawer – the older they get, the less you can sell your used cell phone for. So remember, we are LOCAL, FUN & EASY to do business with & ALWAYS buying used cell phones. Stop in today!