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Cell Phone Repair For Portland Gresham

Phone Repair Services: We Provide Used Cell Phone Repair*

Cell Phone Repair - Portland & Gresham

Did one of these things happen to your cell phone???   SAME DAY REPAIRS AVAILABLE ON SOME PHONES

– iPhone Cracked Screen          – Android Galaxy Screen Broken         – Camera Quit Working

– Android Go Swimming           – iPhone Use The Toilet                         – Selfie Camera Get Blurry

– Charge Port Get Stubborn     – Home Button Broken                         –  Battery Die In 2 hrs

Our Cell Phone Repair Experts Understand!

Our daily activities keep us more reliant on our cell phones than ever before. From keeping our day organized so we can make our appointments, to helping us navigate to those said appointments, we’d be lost without them (literally.) We do our personal banking, news reading, interpersonal socializing, business networking and even romantic dating on our cell phones these days. So it’s no wonder that these tiny computers we carry around Portland get damaged once in awhile. We feel that it’s inevitable that these devices made of metal, plastic and glass will occasionally get broken but that’s no excuse for our life to skip a beat.

Phone Xchange is your local Android and iPhone repair shop in Gresham which specializes in getting you back to your day at hand with as little down time as possible. We generally offer same day turnaround and may even provide the option to repair your phone on the spot. Our friendly techs are here to help you find the solution that fits your needs. We are the only shop in the industry (we know of) that offers loaner phones to ensure that you don’t miss that important business call or maybe that predestined swipe right that may change your life. So stop in today and let us help you stay organized, navigate like a pro, socialize like a celebrity, network like Zuckerberg and date like… well you get the idea.


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Some Of Our Common Cell Phone Repair Services:


We specialize in Android and iPhone repair at our Portland store. We cover a wide gamut of repair services from screen replacements to software related issues on your Android or iPhone. Our expert technicians will provide a free diagnostic to find the most cost effective solution that fits your needs. Our work is guaranteed whether we end up using a new or pre-owned part of your choice. Most repairs are completed on the same day contingent upon part and technician availability. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and trust so we will provide the best solution even if it means replacing the phone instead of repairing it. Bring in your phone for a free estimate by our expert technicians.


Unlocking is a process which removes the network operator SIM lock on GSM phones e.g., At&t and T-Mobile, in order to utilize the phones on any GSM carrier including network carriers from overseas. Most phones can be unlocked to work with any GSM carrier but the phone may still display the original branding and may not support some features of the new carrier i.e. At&t 3G service runs on 850 & 1900 MHz and will not work with T-Mobile 3G service which runs on AWS 1700 MHz. Top reasons to unlocking your phone includes: Increased resell value due to compatibility with more networks i.e., there will be more potential buyers for your phone. Freedom to choose any carrier so you can take advantage of the best rate plans for your current needs. Eliminate roaming fees by the capability to utilize local networks when traveling.

*Services may not be rendered on all phones
**Services rendered at our Portland store may possibly void any warranty and tethering your data connection is most likely a breach of contract with your service provider (since the carriers would prefer you pay them more monthly for the service,) phones can generally be returned to factory-like conditions however the customer takes full responsibility for all services rendered including any loss of personal data and proceeds at their own risk.